What is Fashion?

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As one of our first tasks in uni we had to describe what the word 'Fashion' meant to us with five images, taking into account our own identity, background, peers, interests and culture. I quite enjoyed doing this task, and thought that it would be great to share with you guys. So here is my personal definition of what is Fashion;


SELF-EXPRESSION - To me, fashion is all about being able to express yourself through cuts and fabrics. Clothing can tell so much about a person and their personality, about their beliefs, religion, and what they support. Clothing can also make powerful statements, both social and political thus raise awareness. I express myself through clothing with the help of my fashion blog, and have blogged since I was 12 years old.

VOGUE - Growing up I always loved reading fashion magazines and looking at beautiful editorial pages of high-end fashion brands. The first word that came up to my mind when thinking of the term ‘high fashion’ was Vogue. Vogue has had so many iconic faces and covers that just cannot be forgotten, such as Kate Moss on Vogue UK in January 1995.

Grandma 10003

GRANDMOTHER - My grandmother was a stylish woman who would never leave the house without make up and bought and owned the most expensive, luxurious things. To my luck I have inherited many of her old clothes as I am the only one that can fit into them, and I cherish them dearly. My mother often tells me how much I remind her of grandmother - I know she would be proud of me, doing what I do.


TRENDS - Trends come and go so quickly in the fashion industry that sometimes it is hard to keep up. My mom is from Taiwan, and so I’ve noticed during my various trips to Taiwan and China how the newest trends are always immediately worn there, and might land into my other home country Finland even two seasons later. It is safe to say that Asia definitely is very fast paced with fashion, which fascinates me every time.  


MUSIC - The music industry affects fashion significantly - people dress different depending on the music genre they listen to (punk, rock, grunge) or wear merchandise of the bands and artists they support. I am a lover for rap music, and the document Fresh Dressed is an interesting description of how the fashion world and street style evolved alongside the birth of rap music.

(Pictures in this post- outfit photo from my blog, Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue UK in January 1995, my dear grandmother, a street style look from Tokyo, Fresh Dressed documentary)

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