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& Other Stories is a relatively new discovery for me - I had heard over them, but it wasn't before last summer when visiting Stockholm that I actually went into one of their stores and was completely sold by their selection. Beautiful, clean, minimalistic designs and details mixed with good quality and a sense of pureness and freshness. I was specifically drawn into their beauty section which was full of beautiful yet simple packaging, but did not buy anything as there was just so much to discover. 

At first I didn't know that they had stores in London, but after starting my job a few months ago I was happy to realize I was working right next to one, and finally got the chance to dig my hands into their products. I wanted to start off slow, so I decided to get the Spray Genie Face Mist and Plush Multi Balm to begin with. 
I have quite dry skin which is part of the reason why I get blemishes as I don't moisturize enough, so this face mist has been good for me to spray on a few times a day - staring at the screen of your phone or a computer really dries your skin, so having a face mist is quite useful. I started out carrying this in my bag, but after it spilling half of its contents into my handbag I decided it would be best to just keep it on my dresser. 

The multi balm is my absolute favorite! As they name tells, you can use it for any purpose - whether it is lips or dry spots. I had really dry hands last month when it was really cold and I didn't wear gloves, and now they're all healed up again! The texture is really nice and soft, and the smell is neutral as well. I am in love with these products and cannot wait to get more in the future - this week I got the Zephyr Hand Cream to put in my handbag and it's pure love!

Anyone else a fan of & Other Stories and their cosmetics?

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